• Video & Multimedia Technology
    We are the leading company offers innovative video & Multimedia solutions.
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  • Security Surveillance System
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    Intelligent Applications
    Weather Concerns
    Remote Viewing
  • Audio Visual Technology
    We deal in an all inclusive range of sound and music systems that are creating rage in the
    international arena.
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AV Tech is Qatar’s most prestigious Audio Visual Technology & Security System Installation & Maintenance Company.

AVTECH is a supplier of high end Audio, Video, CCTV and Security Systems , Broadcast and Lighting equipment from the most reputable Manufacturers in the world. Designing leading edge live performance systems and projects has remained the core to our success and we are very proud of this heritage.

Today, AVTECH enjoys an excellent reputation for superb performance ready systems across the nation in the field of Sound, Lighting, Video and Multimedia applications. Our portfolio of products and services are developed to meet customers’ requirements in every market sector.

AVTECH has also been known for its integrity in design, technical excellence and the longevity of its products.  

AVTECH takes system creation into a further dimension, aiming for every customer to enjoy an exceptional experience.  
We are proud to be your partner in any project which involves the design, supply, install, commission, train and Maintenance of Audio, Video,CCTV & Security Systems, lighting, Broadcast, staging, multi-media application, laser technology and special effects.  


We will be the lead partner in Qatar Audio Visual Market


We intend to bring our Clients into the innovation and modern technology to achieve their goals quickly.

Customer Satisfaction

The primary pillar of our work is the complete satisfaction of our respective client. Every detail is magnified and perfected and the organizing experience is seamlessly pipelined to the final production.

Health & Safety

We have strong regards for health and safety for our staff, clients and guests and the 8 years of 100% safe and accident free track record makes us particularly valued in this regard.


Our creative department gets bored quite easily! Hence, they love to create unique designs and closely integrate their creativity with our technical team to ensure that our events and products are unique, innovative, functional and revolutionary, providing our clients with an experience to remember. “It’s not our job, rather, it is our passion.”


We are always equipped and prepared for any challenge faced during the production of our work. With an experienced elite team of professionals working around the clock and close integration with our sub-contractors, every scenario is observed, every detail is analyzed and every angle is viewed with a broad perspective to ensure the best possible solution for our clients.

Our Services

The primary pillar of our work is the complete satisfaction of our respective client. That's why we are the pioneer in the market.

Why choose AVTech

some reasons why you should choose AVTech for your new project Partner

  • Client Satisfaction

    The primary pillar of our work is the complete satisfaction of our respective client.

  • Quality Maintenance

    With an integrated quality approach, we have set benchmarks never loosing sight of the fact that this focus on quality must ultimately translate into benefits for our clients.

  • Expertise Technical Team

    Our ability to perform for your business relies on the attention our staff gives to learning your business and its needs, hearing your ideas combine with their top-notch abilities in implementing great solutions with their development skills and attention to detail.

  • Save Your Money

    Our business solutions create instant cost savings and many times, they pay for themselves within the first few months by the amount they save.

  • Continued Support

    We maintain long term relationships with our clients. As our clients grow, we continue to analyze their business rules and direction and make improvements to the applications as needed.